A Weather Way

Apple Best New App March 2016

The Challenge? Design an app from ideation to promotion closing the full circle from A to Z.

Learn how a mobile app went from 0 to 100,000 downloads in 25 days. (And the 25 days after that which aren’t as glamorous)

Alfred has always been a big fan of weather apps and a long time complainer about the gazillion different designs you can find — many of them beautiful, especially those on Dribbble or Behance where it seems that every designer creates one- but he never found one app that was customizable to everyone’s specific circumstances, apart from the obvious, picking the location where you are or where you want to go.
So he started thinking about designing an app too but he wasn’t going to go through all the work just to get some dull comments on designer sites, if he was going to do it, he would do it for real… but a weather app? there is hundreds of them… Yes because there is millions of users too!

There are thousand of weather apps but not one showing what you will be doing when mother nature strikes

Create a simple way for users to replicate their daily routines and show hour by hour weather on top of it.

One man do-it-all (minus coding)

Best app on App Store March 2016
1,000.000 downloads in 25 days
5 to 4.5 star average rating from day one

Don’t ship an app until monetization is ready

Above main screen for the iPad, iPhone and Apple watch.

Interesting facts:

A full set of icons was created -some animated- to match the many user routines possible.