Rich Media Publishing Platform

The challenge? Assemble a UX team to take Pixable from a photo aggregator app to a media destination for the millennial generation.

The old and new interface that boosted the app to be one of the "Best App" in the news category on Apple's app store.


90% of photos came from Facebook, Facebook stopped serving photos to third party apps.

Leverage proprietary data backend technology and expertise to fuel a photo based media destination
Complete overhaul of brand, website and IOs/Android apps
Build a network of collaborators and editors

Run a co-design process with different stake holders sharing ideas and knowledge
Build a new framework able to accommodate easily different types of media
Create a “card” system to facilitate a customizable layout based on every user’s preferences
New brand

Six months after launching, the new platform reached the 7 million monthly visitor mark with a four times higher engagement versus the competition.

The old website and the redesigned website, more visual, fun, and engaging, that reached the 7 million monthly visitor mark.