Episodic insurance platform

The challenge? Build a design team to take Verifly, -a drone insurance app- to Thimble, an episodic insurance platform made to serve hundreds of small businesses.

Screenshots of the Verifly iOS app, later replaced by the Thimble version (below)
Based on the success of an insurance drone service, this startup raised money to take it to the next level and offer episodic insurance to hundreds of professions. To accomplish that, a flexible, multidisciplinary, unicorn-like design team had to be put in place.


Take the initial design in a hands-on approach and, at the same time, start a hiring process to bring in house, product, visual designers, and hybrid UX/research/Usability specialists.

Create an insurance platform supported initially by iOs and Android apps to allow policy purchase and management. Once the apps proved to be a solid experience, develop a web-based version to support all features on computers and mobile browsers.

Work with an external agency to rebrand Verifly into Thimble, helping to define a new brand and visual language to reflect a broader vision

At the same time, the new brand was established and applied to all the company properties; we developed a digital book of principles and UI guidelines to help maintain a standard and consistent experience throughout all the company products.

Screenshots of the latest Thimble iOS app where a policy can be purchased in less than 60 seconds.


The main goal was to simplify and streamline a process that, (to date) has been tedious, cumbersome, and needed lengthy conversations over the phone with an agent. The UX team worked diligently with customers and insurance experts to identify the pain points and suppress unnecessary steps. After many iterations, the main task of buying a policy was reduced to less than a minute, a huge reduction, which made it much more convenient for the user.


After two years, the iOS and Android apps and a responsive website were smoothly performing, selling more than 100,000 policies a year. The biggest achievement? A consistent, 8 Net Promoter Score (NPS), and a 4.8 out of 5 stars for the iOS app with raving reviews on how easy and smooth buying insurance was through Thimble.

Above: Screenshots of the main user flow to purchase a policy, from the ZIP entry screen to have a policy purchased in less than 60 seconds.