My Verizon Portal Website

Alfred did work with RGA as the User Experience Creative Director for the Verizon account and was responsible for launching different websites and interactive campaigns.

Lead the redesign of the Verizon onboarding platform with an improvement of 180% on user engagement and cutting by half customer support requests.


The Exciting Story of The Verizon Offering

In this revamp, we created many story spaces for the visitor.

First, a primary hero space celebrates promotions. Visitors can move through options with a flick of the mouse.

This is where we tell the stories of offers, products, and recent developments.

To re-inforce the elements of the hero narrative, the elements will load as a sequence that illustrates each slot previewing the entire story.

When opportunities arise to tell a uniquely compelling story, we GO BIG.

We take over the hero space and move promotions into a secondary space. They keep their zippy flick action and expand into space when a user chooses to see details.


Unique Stories for Unique Visitors

Don’t tell the right story to the wrong people.

To keep visitors excited and engaged, we had to match them to content that fits their needs. The personalization engine behind lets us do just that.